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Welcome to our new company name and brand identity! It’s taken quite a few months and a great deal of soul searching with my colleague, branding specialist Kenny Laurenson, to reach this moment, not to mention several revisions as we went on the journey.

As it turned out, identifying the right name was the easy part. Over recent years, the nature of our work had evolved from an emphasis on design and branding strategy to the creative design and delivery of increasingly more upscale and larger hotel and residential projects. We were proud of the Proof achievement but it was time to drop “Consultancy” in our name, and Studio Proof felt to us the perfect embodiment of the company we had become. We were taking the legacy of the past and the extensive experience of myself and Design Director, Chris Holmes, by retaining Proof, while Studio was a declaration of our intention to stay young at heart, collaborating with clients of sophisticated projects to achieve original and thoughtful solutions.

It was not so easy, however, to determine graphics and content. Helping retail and hotel groups through the branding process was one thing, I discovered; doing it for ourselves was another. The hardest aspect was to edit myself. I knew where I wanted to get to but letting go of sentences once so carefully crafted, information about much-loved design schemes and project photos that held so many memories was tough.

So, here we are. I hope you find that the new name and presentation communicate not merely what we do but what we are about and the quality of experience you can expect from working with Studio Proof.

David Morris

Creative Director

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