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The Science of Design


Earlier this year we were invited to design one of the concept guest room sets at SLEEP 2016 and were delighted at the comprehensive and informed brief provided by the organisers in collaboration with The Sinus Institute which has developed internationally influential tools for complex social group segmentation. Their detailed findings about specific social ‘tribes’ provided fascinating information on their assumptions and aspirations was wonderful ammunition for the beginning of our design, allowing us to be accurate, inventive and efficient in equal measure. Surely this is the way to design? A 21st century evolution of Modernism’s ‘form follows function’.


The call to arms here is to owners, developers and operators. Before committing to selecting a potential brand and appointing a designer and architect, make sure you understand who the hotel is for and analyse their needs. Pre-selection of off-the-shelf brands may be convenient but will not always give the right ‘fit’ for the location, budget and guest profile. Consider also that with more hotels ditching traditional lobby spaces for exciting and versatile F&B driven ground floor spaces whilst seeking to foster guest interest by embracing inclusion of the local neighbourhood, the hotel design brief cannot be based purely on a generic ‘one size fits all’ guest profile.


This is also a call to arms to designers to start the process with greater intellect. At Studio Proof, our background in branding inspires us to approach projects scientifically – who will the guests and visitors be and what do they really want? In our opinion, it’s only when we know this that we can start to be meaningfully creative, on the basis of a brief grounded in genuine knowledge which provides clarity for the entire project team.

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